As I reflect on the topic of my very first blog post for EMANATE Events, I feel that first I must share with you the story of EMANATE Events and why I’m so eager to help you plan your next event.

I’ve always been drawn to bringing groups of people together, whether it’s complete strangers, to celebrate life’s greatest moments or just having some of my friends over for a dinner party – I’ve always had an ambition to gather people together to celebrate. These dreams became the beginnings of an events company, a company where there’s purpose and a charitable component. It was four years ago, while working at the Canadian Cancer Society, when a volunteer had asked if I could plan her wedding, and I immediately said yes! After coordinating her wedding and getting a lot of praise throughout, it was after that experience that I decided to start an events company. It took a few more years because I’m a very methodical person: I needed to decide whether to have a business partner or not; determining the right name; the type of events to service; find great people to work with like @Brynn Bellisle; and finishing the @DreamGroup Produtions course, but here I am, 7 years later with expertise from industry leaders and I’m ready to launch EMANATE ad work with people who share my vision of bringing people together and having fun along the way.

Although I couldn’t be here without the many people who have supported me along the way: My family, friends, the very talented Nancy Wu who helped shape my brand, created the beautiful logo; Artovermatter for pull all the pieces together and designing the website; DreamGroup Productions, especially Geneve for allowing me to answer probably hundred of questions within the 12 week course; Brynn Belisle for being such a great support and mentor along the way; my clients who I’ve worked with over the past few years; and most importantly, to my partner, Bryan, who is to date, my biggest supporter and fan.

I look forward to working with you in the near future, sharing different events and unique gems in the city.

Nicole Yeasting